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DCATCH - Disabled Children's Access to Childcare


How DCATCH can help you...


Nottinghamshire County Council has been awarded Aiming High Pathfinder status by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).


This funding is to support parents of disabled children, who work, want to return to work or attend a vocational training course.


We have set up the DCATCH project to look at ways to improve childcare services for disabled children and young people.



The DCATCH project is a pathfinder pilot funded until March 2011.  Families included in the project will continue to be supported after March 2011 but the level or type of service may vary according to the findings of the pathfinder pilot and future government funding.


To be eligible for the DCATCH project, you must fulfil the following criteria:


- The child/young person is resident in Nottinghamshire and is accessing services in Nottinghamshire (requests for services outside Nottinghamshire will be considered on a case by case basis)

- Parents are in employment, returning to work or attending a vocational training course in order to return to work; in the case of two parent families this applies to both parents

- The support requested reflects the working or training hours of the parents (normally between 7am and 7pm)




SEVERE AND/OR COMPLEX HEALTHCARE NEEDS - The child/young person is aged 0 to 19 and, if over the age of 5, is in education and the child/young person cant access group care because of their complex/health care needs



The young person is between 14 and 19 and in education and the young person is unable to access full time group provision appropriate for their age and stage of development


CONTACT: DCATCH Office 01623 520071